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Although my primary pursuit is the creation of individual works of art,  I continuously explore ideas for the development of products.  My greatest satisfaction comes from the successful interaction with a client who desires the unique, or with the retailer who desires individualized products to offer.  Such wares would be signed and backstamped as being "created exclusively for.........."
Photocopy mock up of 10_ plate design _M
 Please know that my capabilities extend from the mere "personalizations" of the additions of names to ceramic items to the complete design of one of a kind products.  Contact me directly by e-mail to discuss your ideas.
Among my planned future offerings are standardized tile panels, lines of ceramic tile designs, unusual tablewares, including placemats and serving pieces, and one of a kind decoupaged pieces.    


dinner and hors d'oeuvre plates

to be fired in coffee color on sepia and ivory glazed wares 

_TREE PEONY_ brique-a-vin personalized f
_MOTHS_ brique-a-vin
The addition of community or store names is a very straightforward means to personalize wares.The payment of a set up fee of $200 is required, however, no minimum order is then required.  
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