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POTAGER TRELLIS can be made in 4" by 4", 6" by 6" , and 8" by 8" tiles in almost any color. Also available in brown transfer with hand painted colorations.  As with all my designs, custom bordering tiles and the option of additions of site specific design elements are possible.
To increase the scale and to create a more open pattern, blanks may be inserted in an alternating fashion.  In these locations, individual decorated tiles may be placed for interest.  
Vegetable Portrait "Deco"

"Vegetable Portraits"

The "POTAGER TRELLIS" when used with alternating  blanks can be combined with many decorative tiles including the botanical vegetables and floral portraits.
Collage series_ _Barberry Branch_ #1
"Brussels Sprouts"                                               "Barberry Bush"
"Apple Harvest" Tiles A and B   These are a 2 tile alternating match set that can form a field.


_HAZELNUTS_ botanical collage_Printed in
A print of my original pen and ink work shown in sepia on ecru was manipulated by excising the background and then mounting on "sand" colored Japanese Gira pearlescent paper.


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