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THE PRINT ROOM : graphic customization for decoupage and other decorative applications


The "PRINT ROOM" at CASTLETOWN HOUSE  the only fully extant example of this 18th Century fashion remaining in Ireland.

The vogue of assembling ornamental cut outs and prints reached its apogee in the Irish Great House of Castletown, near Dublin. Akin to decoupage, prints were applied to the walls and "framed" with engraved moldings and further embellished with cut out swags, ropes, and other decorative elements in replication of the ornate stucco work used in other areas of the home.    Recently, it occurred to me that my designs, owing to their execution with fine nibbed technical pens, have a kinship to engravings.  This appearance lends itself very readily to the creation of the accoutrement of decoupage and print room styled decorations.  Because of my ability to customize, these secondary elements can be adapted in design, scale, and relationship to the prints or decorative appliques specific to the project. 
Rococo stucco work at CASTLETOWN HOUSE
Examples of drawn ROCOCO decorative elements that would be adaptable to applique decorative treatments. 

'THE PRINT ROOM" Accoutrements will be updated regularly

My pen and ink drawings would be commercially printed on fine Japanese WASHI gampi papers and from these the image would be available for decoupage or applications to prepared surfaces.  The great  benefit of working with me would be the ability to control, not only the design itself, but the degree of customization as far as scale, color, style, etc  of the images to conform to whatever demands the project requires. 

This medallion was inspired by an antique Sandwich glass drapery tieback that I own.   


While designed to be applied to tiles, these trellis like designs could readily be adapted to continuous strips of print. 
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