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11" by 14"  

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Heading 4


THE "ASH WEDNESDAY ON MAGAZINE ST."                                    SERIES 

Tree on St.jpg Charles.jpg

     While walking on Magazine Street in the Garden District of New Orleans the day after Mardi Gras, I came upon a magnolia tree in full bloom, always a spectacular sight.  However, this one was festooned with the plethoric beads and streamers remaining from the previous day's festivities.  I was struck by the juxtapositions represented of the organic and the man made and the imagery of celebrations of both the natural/spiritual and the secular.   While attempting to express these ideas, it became apparent that this exploration would expand itself into multiple works in several media.

      I began by designing 2  8" by 8" alternating match tiles, with the idea of firing them in sepia and then hand painting them to add the colors.  However, the decal making process is heavily constrained by production run minimums and costs, so it is prohibitive to fully explore designs in this manner.  

_ASH WEDNESDAY I_ _Limited edition colla

     Therefore, I had the two "tiles" drawings scanned and printed and began to experiment with the creation of collages.  After tinting the prints, I excised the backgrounds and mounted them to decorative Japanese papers to create individual works that would express the ideas of the tiles in a different medium.  

TILE "A" printed, colored, background excised and mounted on a Japanese paper that includes flecks of gold and silver leaf.  I found this paper to amplify the "festive" atmosphere and the "iron" filagree border to underscore the New Orleans' location.  

ASH WEDNESDAY SERIES #4_Inspired by a ma

Collages using vertically matched "tiles"

Further explorations 

Detail_ _ASH WEDNESDAY_ collage series
Collages-New Orleans series- work set as
Study of paper combinations for _ASH WED
The exquisite beauty of Washi papers.jpg
Preliminary layout of one of the _ASH WE
The _ASH WEDNESDAY_ design adapted to th
Design for wrap around design for coffee mug This design would be printed/fired in one color only.  
Design for small utility crock/ brique-a-vin 
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