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Collages and printed images for decoupage

Until recently, so much of my emphasis has been upon drawings that are to be transformed into the transfers to decorate tiles and tablewares. However, I have had a growing sense of frustration arising from the multiple levels of unrelated preparations required to execute finished products as per my concept.  It was, for this reason, that I have rethought my goals and wish to explore the creation of individual works that involve only the assembly of my images through the use of collage techniques. 
Taking a break from the tiles and workin
This study was printed in sepia, the background excised, decorative cutout elements applied  and the whole mounted on a Japanese "GIRA " luminous paper. Printed framing elements  were then collaged to a Japanese Gampi background.  
This began as a design for an 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" tile, however, as I worked on it, I  found that I wanted to expand my expression of the exotic flowers beyond line and forms.  I wanted to show the vivid colors and the delicate textures.  This led to many experiments with manipulations of the printed image and collage techniques.  
Collage mounted on a Japanese Yuzen surround.  
"The Aesthetic Lemon Tree" is an exploration in pattern making that will involve printing on Japanese Gampi paper, hand tinting, excising the background and then remounting on various papers including the exquisite screened Japanese Yuzen papers. 
Preliminary layout of one of the _ASH WE
_ASH WEDNESDAY_ collage_Still in progres
While walking on New Orleans' Magazine St., the day after Mardi Gras, I encountered a burgeoning  Magnolia festooned with the omnipresent beads that inspired this series. 
   The images are printed on a white mulberry fiber paper, hand tinted, the backgrounds excised and then remounted on a Japanese  Mingei paper ( in this photo, a celery one).  This is an in-process photo to demonstrate the study of the choice of mounting papers and tissues.  
Chinoiserie panel in progress.jpg

Rococo chinoiserie panel to be printed on Japanese washi paper or could be printed on watercolor paper, hand tinted and then applied to a folding screen or directly to a wall for an 18th Century "Print Room" effect. 

L'ETE  print
16" by 31" 
A design for a two tile alternating match design, but which will be used as a multi-windowed collaged work
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